Montclair Soccer Camp

Schedule: Week #1 July 6 th -10th / Week #2 July 13 th – 17 th
Two sessions per day : Session A – 9 to 11:30AM, Session B – 12:30 to 3:00

Camp protocol

  • Drop off and pick up times will be staggered to avoid large groups from congregating in one location.
    a. Campers will be assigned a specific drop off and pick up time slot. Each time slot
    will be limited to 10 campers at a time to avoid large groups congregating in the
    drop off and pick up area. An email confirmation will be sent prior to camp.
  • All check in areas will be clearly marked to conform with social distancing regulations.
  • No Lunches – snack breaks will be done in small group installments, and food will be brought from home
  • No pools
  • No movies
  • Parking garages w/ social distancing for inclement weather, cancel on washout
    days/excessive heat days
  • Individual water bottles provided by each camper. Camp site will not provide centralized
    water jugs.
  • Spray sun block only, applied by participant, or parent only


  • Covid disclosure form, waivers of liability – submitted prior to attending
  • Masked on arrival – health confirmation daily with temperature check in.
  • Upon entry – water bottle, belongings and camper will be assigned to an area.
  • Field area will be clearly marked and designed for small groups.
  • On the first day of camp, the Health Director will conduct a training and demonstration of precautions that campers should abide by to prevent the spread of COVID-19; including:
  1. How and when to effectively washing and sanitize hands
  2. How to practice physical distancing
  3. Which symptoms to look out for and when to report them and to whom
  4. When to stay home
  5. Coughing etiquette
  6. Emergency evacuation plan and safe place in case of inclement weather. The parking
    deck or auxiliary gym will be used for camp.


  • Limited number of players per half field
  • Groups will remain consistent to ensure that contact tracing is available if needed.

– 1 Site director per field
– 2 head instructors per field
– 5 asst. instructors per field
– 2 other staff … cleaning and operations per field
– 1 Health Director /Athletic Trainer total

  • Masks on for arrival, dismissal for all staff. Any staff member who has the potential of handling materials that participants will also wear latex gloves.
  • Physical Check-in with each participant including health confirmation
  • Covid disclosure forms, waivers of liability

Field Set-up:

  • Four Quadrants per field.. Quadrant size (9,000 square feet) will easily allow for proper
  • Coaches will use center circle to direct
  • Assistant coaches will instruct from sidelines and goal line.
  • Bathrooms will be monitored for single use.
    – A tent will be set up at each field for site supervisor monitoring.